Nigeria and its expanding digital ecosystem have drawn tremendous interest from around the world over the past ten years.

An industry once looked upon with skeptical eyes has taken its own place in the nation’s money market and lent a strong grip to the orthodox finance culture which now looks up to it for support and continuity.

This has resulted in an increase in investments and collaborations with leading international brands, investors, and accelerators. Financial technology in Nigeria has journeyed far and wide.

6 years ago, Aimtoget started the journey to become a recurring buzzword in a fast-growing mobile generation of the jet age, kicking off with a unique head-feature – airtime to cash conversion – which has since brought a much needed convenience to the lives of millions of grateful Nigerians.

Founded by Onipinsaiye Tomiwa Henry and Salawu Oluwadamilola Eziekel, the tech enthusiasts intended for it to be a part of a wider umbrella seeking to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services through airtime to cash flipping.

Speaking to the co-founder, Tomiwa Henry in a recent interview, he explained that after having processed over 2.9 billion airtime to cash transactions since its launch, Aimtoget is going through a rebranding phase, ensuring to make what’s good become better through speedier transactions, a more user-friendly platform, better customer service, and much more.

“We are looking to engage customers with the right message, improve customer experience, increase customer lifetime value, and drive revenue growth. It is very important to offer a stress-free experience regardless of if a customer is completes a transaction in person, online or app.

Using this innovation, we hope to deliver a best-in-class digital experience across all customer touchpoints”, he says.

Focused on giving a chance to “unbanked and underbanked” Nigerians through easy payment processing using airtime,

Aimtoget is focused on bettering the everyday lives of over 200 million Nigerian people as well as promoting indigenous business growth and sustainability.

Being the only Fintech service to automate airtime to cash technology, Aimtoget does not share the appraisal of instant airtime to cash conversion with any other platform.

This is because by being the first to walk that space in Nigeria, Aimtoget has a bagful of experience in the business of airtime conversion while partnering directly with service providers, making the process as smooth as driving through Wall Street in a limo.

All this takes is a simple request and an OTP.

Aimtoget has come a long way to modernize, improve and automate the delivery of sustainable financial services in Nigeria, demystifying simple payment solutions along a curve-free line of reliability, consistence, and constant improvement.

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