Adamu Adamu: A man of all seasons – By Yusuf Ibrahim Gamawa

NEWS DIGEST – The name Adamu ring loudly an firmly accross various part of the country. It was and still will remain an household name in many parts of Nigeria.

Adamu has distinguished himself as an accomplished, knowledgeable and fearless journalist in Nigeria that remained consistent throughout his career in journalism that spanned almost four decades.

Living is made meaningful and memorable because of the lives that other people have lived, including their works.

Books written by personalities and about certain personalities and events have continued to shape events around us and our lives and societies in general. Through writings, history is preserved about events and people in different parts the world that tell us about our existence and our purpose and the purpose of others, and of our obligations to ourselves, families, communities and countries.

Through education and history we have come to know certain great personalities and thinkers; it is not personalities that have died that have made contribution to our existence or our lives in certain ways, but that there are people living that have made such contribution in their own unique ways.

Adamu Adamu has undisputedly made his mark in his chosen field and made substantial contribution not only to knowledge but to governance, politics, human rights and the development of the nation through his years of writing and research in different fields.

His versatility has been acknowledged over the years and is difficult to disagree with. He was born and raised in Azare town in Bauchi State. Adamu’s origins is commonly traced to the family of ‘Bappawa’ in Gamawa. His early educational pursuit were in Azare and later Ahmadu Bello University and United States. Adamu’s parents lived all their lives in Azare.

There is no disputing the fact that he is coming from a very humble background and his family is well known for their moral uprightness and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, and all served God and humanity in many different ways while alive.

Though graduating with an accounting degree, Adamu’s career began and ended in journalism as fate will have it. This long, enduring career began in the early 1980’s and continued the 90’s, 2000’s until 2015 when he was appointed a cabinet minister.

Through his different writings and articles in columns of magazines and newspapers, Adamu took on topical issues that have continued to affect our societies in different ways, this he did courageously and with high level of professionalism and integrity. And in doing so has contributed to the upliftment of his community, people, country and continent.

Most famous and favourite that has continued to define his personality is the Adamu Adamu’s definitions in humour in the early 1980’s that initially appears in the New Nigeria newspapers and later became a column in the Citizens magazine. It was a column that combined humour and arts to transmit information in the very best way it can absorbed.
It was the column that will be responsible for the followership Adamu built in his years of journalism. And for the column, many longed to meet the shadow- bearded journalist they see at the edge of the column.

Through his columns, Adamu consistently sought an opportunity to enlighten the society or its leadership about one problem or another and in doing so has impacted almost every aspect of life.

His writings have promoted governance and politics in their ideal forms as well as fought for the improvement of lot of the ordinary people and general progress of the society. Often he had challenged leaders across and disagreed with policies that did not augur well for the society and supported people whose lives have suffered infringement. His fearless approach to journalism marked him out as an objective and honest personality.

Adamu did not find it difficult to make his opinions public even during the military era when it was difficult to criticize unpopular policies and doing so could sometimes lead to detention by the military authorities.

It is perhaps his courageous attitude to writing and brilliance that attracted people like Major Generals Shehu Yar’adua and Muhammadu Buhari to him. Yar’adua was to later persuade him to be the Editor in Chief of the Sentinel magazine, while Buhari after the Abacha regime had set the PTF appointed Adamu to be his special assistant.

After the PTF was scrapped, Adamu combined his duty as special assistant to Buhari and journalism career after the Daily Trust newspaper was founded. He dedicated his writings to the Friday column of the paper for over a decade.

The Friday column is remembered as the column the elites eagerly waited for due to its substance and style.
When Buhari joined politics, it was people like Adamu that he relied upon for counsel and support.

Throughout the long journey, Adamu stood by Buhari, it was tough and rough until luck shined on them in 2015. It was only from 2015 that Adamu stopped his Friday column in the Daily Trust newspaper.

He was appointed a cabinet minister with education as his portfolio. And since then Adamu has placed his energy in trying to uplift the standard of educations despite challenges that are sometimes beyond him.

He has continued to engage ASUU in its long battle with government, the problem of the out of school children, tertiary education and several other problems facing Nigeria’s system. Adamu remains a mortal like any one of us and is taking on the enormous challenges.

However, Adamu Adamu it must be known has paid his dues and remains an outstanding figure in Nigeria despite whatever short comings he may have. And in moments such as this, we must celebrate the achievements of those that have achieved so that we will also be celebrated.