Abuja Rapper Odumodublck hits global stage with new single ‘Declan Rice’

NEWS DIGEST – Abuja’s top rap artiste, Odumodu Black has released a new song titled “Declan Rice”.

Declan Rice which was released on the 24th of March 2023 has hit the Number 1 spot on Apple Music Chart as well as a very impressive rating on Spotify this has created a buzz on Social Media as Fans express their excitement.

The News Digest reports that the Abuja rapper is the winner of the Under 30 CEOS outstanding musician of the year 2022 organised by the CEOS Network Africa.

His rise to the top was an amazing one seeing as he was at top 10 at the early hours of the day and by the end of the day he was at Number 1 most listened song in Nigeria.

His fan base popularly known as the “Ekelebe stunners” have not failed to remind “the haters” and non-believers that the Odumodu they once looked down on for his unique style is the one that is very much appreciated now. A fan took to twitter saying “Same Odumodu they called Mid is now number 1 in the country #Declanrise”.

Although People didn’t initially understand his genre of rap music, his use of rhythm, street slangs and “pidgin” English caught the attention of many new listeners.

Odumodu took to his twitter account in excitement showing a screenshot of Popular Nigerian Artist Davido followed him on Instagram, and a few days ago another Popular Nigerian Artist Wizkid shared on his story a screenshot of him listening to Odumodus song titled “Picanto and Declan rise”.

Fans of Odumodu have been raving about this new happenings and showing their excitement for the recognition the Abuja artist has been getting.

Listen to Declan Rice below:


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