Abba Kyari and President Buhari
Abba Kyari and President Buhari

COMMENT: How Abba Kyari Delivered North East For Buhari, By Adnan Tudunwada

NEWS DIGEST – The successes of President Muhammadu Buhari in the recent Presidential election did not come to us as a surprise looking at the infrastructural development to the region. The region that was recently marred by Boko Haram insurgency since 2009 start to experience peace during the assumption of Buhari as President of this country.

The President who stick to his agenda of restoring peace and anti corruption fight brought happiness to the people of the region.

The President not only assented the bill to establish the North East Development Commission but also appointed their sons and daughters into his cabinet. This has contributed immensely to success of the President in 2019 election.

The Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari singlehandedly and solely delivered the entire region to President Buhari through the North East Alliance for Buhari, the votes that he secured in 2019 were above the previous he garnered in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 elections. This is as part of the strategy and immense contributions the Chief of Staff made to the campaign through the Alliance group.

It could be recalled that the group made similar promise of delivering the region votes to the President during a courtesy call at the Villa. The North East Alliance For Buhari is a Support Group for the reelection of Buhari, it has ran a vigorous and effective campaign in the region under Hon. Mohammed Kaka Bolori with active support of the Chief of Staff to the President Malam Abba Kyari.

A personality that people have been criticizing of shying away from politics. Malam Abba Kyari is one of the brains behind the support group, a group that campaigned for Buhari more than any support group in the entire North East region.

It has gone to the nook and cranny of the region, neighbor to neighbor campaign, operation win 25 in all the polling units of the North East to woo votes, this is part of the strategy adopted in delivering the region entirely with a landslide victory for Buhari.

An indication that Malam Abba Kyari is not only a technocrat but a very strategic and workaholic politician during the campaign period, a testimony that he participated in the political process against the series of criticisms of some people.

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