Institutional Success: What can Nigerian Universities Learn from Skyline?

NEWS DIGEST – Success cannot be achieved by accident but for those who keep on trying. Educational success is the provision of opportunity for a child to realize his or her potentials, goals, and abilities in life. Educational success includes the acquisition of functional skills, moral identity, and attribution that facilitate or express that success in the life of a child, which in turn improves society.

The yearnings, needs, aspirations as well as the cultural heritage and environment of any society determine, to a large extent, the kind of knowledge and skills to be acquired. Paraphrasing the words of Nelson Mandela, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education as Martin Luther King Jr. succinctly put it.

Societies need education for many purposes in their journey to advancement. Whether it is for building the right physical infrastructure or for enhancing existing social structures, societies require the right kind of knowledge and information. As the central circulatory system carries oxygen to all parts of the body and expels the toxic substances, which could harm the body, the university is an avenue expected to infuse life-giving education to society. Access to the right knowledge helps dispel impediments on the path to the wellbeing of society, be this ignorance or adherence to discordant beliefs and thoughts. Universities are expected to promote quality knowledge, and technology is a gateway to enhance institutional success efficiency.

Skyline University Nigeria is a technologically driven institution, cherished by students for the social, economic, and cultural wellbeing that facilitate a knowledge society to emerge. Skyline is one of the universities that is empowered to transform a global community of learners, the university is committed to developing culturally rich and globally informed educational opportunities. It is also committed to preparing a highly-skilled workforce and has been recognized nationally for its efforts. In terms of technology, the university is a leading light.

Adding the power of computing to mechanical and electronic innovation of the past, the university is far greater than the potential of the best institution in 21st-century society. The resultant gluts of technology in the institution further intensify the quality of students often produced by the institution. For example, if one reads national dailies on a daily basis, one will understand what I am talking about, especially students in the Department of Mass Communication. The imprint of Mass Communication students of the institution is all over the place. There is no serious media platform in Nigeria today that has nothing to do with the university because of splendid write-ups originated from Mass Communication students.

Indeed, this is an indication that the quality of students the university is producing can compete in the global world system that is driven by technological capacity. Without exaggeration, the university provides opportunities for its students to achieve their academic and professional goals and facilitates the development of their overall personality in order for students to become effective, and socially responsible professionals in a dynamic global environment. Thus, this lesson of institutional success needs to be spread across Nigerian universities for proper molding of students that can cycle within the global standard.

Aondover Eric Msughter,

Department of Mass Communication,Skyline University Nigeria.

Msughter can be reached via: [email protected]

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