The Solution to Nigeria is strong institutions, not strong individuals Godwin Obaseki proclaims

NEWS DIGEST – Godwin Obaseki, the Edo State Governor, yesterday, said only strong institutions and not individuals could save Nigeria from the prevailing socio-economic challenges.

Obaseki stated this in his farewell address to members of the Edo State Transition Committee at the Executive Council Chambers, Government House, Benin City.

He said “I don’t see one man, whether he is president or not, who can change Nigeria overnight; it is not possible. We should stop looking at the change that will come into this country from the perspective of some strongmen or one man.

“Nigeria has passed that stage. It is only strong institutions, systems and that can change Nigeria; there can’t be any miracle. Forget about everybody aspiring to be president.

“The only miracle that can happen is that whosoever wants to lead this country must understand that he has to collect a wide spectrum of people from across the country to begin to rebuild institutions. That is exactly what you have helped me to do.”

Godwin Obaseki praised the team for doing a thorough job, noting that they engaged citizens on a wide range of issues and generated data, which enhanced the report.

He added: “I am taking the members of the Executive Council on a retreat and this is going to be a reference document for our conversation.

“The document is an instrument that will continue to guide us as we go through this tedious process of reformation and transformation of the state.

The way you conducted the affairs of the committee has been an eye-opener,” Mr Obaseki added.

The Chairman of the committee, Anthony Okungbowa, expressed appreciation to the governor for the trust and confidence reposed in them during the 16-month period that they served.

Okungbowa said the report presented to the governor centred on infrastructure, social welfare, culture and tourism, economic revolution and environmental sustainability, among others.


vanguard (nigeria)