#FindBoluwatife: 14-year-old missing, after mom sent her on errands in Lagos

Cases of kidnap in different part of the country have been increasing. In the early days of May 2021, two different kidnap cases were on the rise across social media.

One is the case of Ini-Obong Umoren, a resident of Akwa-Ibom who was kidnapped on her journey for an interview, as earlier reported by NEWS DIGEST

In Lagos, at Binuyo street, a 14-year-old child, Boluwatife Adegoke is said to be missing after she was sent on an errand.

Confirming the missing child in a phone call with our reporter, Boluwatife’s mom, Folashade said, she sent her an errand to collect money for her at the near by ATM stand on Friday, April 30 2021 around 1pm and that was the last time she saw her.

When asked if this is the first time she will be sending Boluwatife to withdraw for her, she said, “This is not the first time. I have even sent her to withdraw more than the one I she went to withdrew last time and she doesn’t stay long.”

The distance between where Boluwatife lives with her mother and grandparent to the bank is just a stone throw. “Our house to the bank is not far at all,” Boluwatife’s mom added

Asked if the case has been reported to the police, she said it has been reported to police stations for assistance.

But the information she had which she said was, the child is afraid. “When I heard yesterday that my child is afraid, that someone is threatening her. By the time findings was made and police were involved, I was told she used to be seen somewhere around Evans area here.

“When we got to where was described, a woman who is a hairdresser was met and I ask about Boluwatife from her. She said she do see her here with her own brother (Lukman).”

In an effort to get the contact of the woman’s brother, the woman said her brother phone is spoilt and it was Boluwatife who spoilt it.

“The age difference between my child and his brother is not wide. The boy is older than Boluwatife if not with 5 years”, Mrs. Folashade said.

When asked if he has been found and questioned, Bolu mother’s said, the boy responded, She saw her 3 days ago (on Friday which was when she was sent to go withdraw).

He was asked about his spoilt phone, Lukman said, “he gave it to her and it fell.” Hearing that, her Boluwatife’s mom said the young boy should have reached her for the phone’s repair, that would be the one to repair it and not her daughter.

Mrs. Folashade said, “Boluwatife is a child that stays indoor and was not allowed to go out unnecessarily. Where they said she was found earlier was that my daughter was owing someone.”

She urged the police to be fast with the investigation and ensure the safe return of her daughter.

Meanwhile, Mrs Folashade who is the mother of Boluwatife has called on security agency to arrest Lukman and his friend including the woman who happens to be Lukman’s sister.

In a conversation on phone, she said, I have requested for the arrest of the two boys”

She said her friend who is currently with her during the phone call on Sunday, 2nd of May, 2021, saw her daughter at that woman’s place and called her daughter to know what she was doing there, thinking I was following her.

When Boluwatife could reply, she said, “I came to meet my boyfriend (who happens to be Lukman).” She proceeded saying, “My mom and grandma know him.”

Mrs. Folashade confirmed knowing the boy as a neighour in the street and not to be befriending her daughter – a 14yr-old child.

“I don’t take any abuse of my daughter from anyone. She has a rapid growth and I don’t tolerate any form of verbal or whatever abuse on her.

“I have asked the police to arrest everyone involved — including Lukman and his friends,” she told our reporter.

Boluwatife’s was last last spotted at Access bank, Jankara, Lagos Island.